Frequently Asked Questions

How does your partnership program differ from an affiliate program?
With affiliate programs you place a banner ad or text link on your website and when one of your visitors clicks, they are logged by the affiliate server as on of your references. You will either get a small percentage from what the referred visitor spends or a one-time commission. That's a pretty bad deal, because no matter how much you promote the program today, you must start again tomorrow, else your income disappears.

With DatingRev, you are the owner of the website you are advertising. You are simply using our software to provide the service to your visitors. So it is in your best interest to bring traffic to your website, because you will receive 60% of its revenues for the lifetime of your members.

What work is involved?
The main task you need to perform is to get visitors to come to your site. As a dating site owner, this will be your only job - we will handle all technical support, site updates and upgrades.

Can I run my own advertising/link exchanges?
Of course! You can insert banner advertisements into the header and footer of your website. You may have your own exit popups, gateways, link exchanges etc.

What does it cost to become a partner?
Nothing. Zilch. Zero. You'll will receive access to use our software, top notch support and all the information you need to get started with your dating service right away, absolutely free of charge. However, it is required you have a small marketing (advertising) budget. Without advertising, it will be practically impossible to get any members on your service. Think - you have to spend money in order to make money.

Are there any other requirements?
Although not strictly enforced, we suggest having your own domain name. Well selected domain names never fail to impress your clientele. They're also easy to remember and make your site stand out amongst the competition.

What if I don't already have an Internet domain name?
It's very easy to register a domain name these days. We recommend, for its ease of use and cheap prices.

When and how do I get paid my commissions?
You will get paid by check or Paypal on the 30th of each month for commissions earned to the end of the previous month. If the amount owed to you is above the payment threshold ($50). Any amounts owing less than $50 will be held in reserve until your cumulative earnings are greater than $50.

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