The industry
  • The Internet is playing a more vital role in communication among new acquaintances than ever before. Single men and women make up the majority of those new acquaintances. At this time, there are more than 85 million singles in North America and 65% of them have access to the world wide web. By the end of 2003, an estimated 60 million singles will be part of an online dating community and will spend over 800 million dollars meeting their matches.

    The marketplace is booming and we are giving you the opportunity to benefit from its revenue.

The details
  • We will guide you through the few but important steps of setting up your own turn-key site, or integrating a personals section into your existing webpage.

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    DatingRev gives you the power to fully brand your Web site with your own domain (URL), logo, color scheme, and name. We will handle all the data, functionality, tech support and membership transactions. This will leave you, the owner, with one thing to focus on: promoting your own dating service.

    Advertising your site on search engine listings, banner/link exchanges or any other traffic generating system is your responsibility. Because you are sharing our member database with all other partners, all webmasters are helping to make each site feel robust and full of members - producing, yet, more members and thus more revenue for you.

    A problem specifically with new dating sites is that they start off with no members. Any members you might recruit will find there's no-one else on the site and will quickly leave. It's a catch-22 - you need members to get members. However, your site will have access to over 100,000 genuine profiles from our network.

The return

  • For every member that signs up through your site and upgrades their account, you will receive 60% from what he/she is billed. More importantly, you will also receive 60% of all renewal revenue generated for the lifespan of each member.

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